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The Fox Library is more than the sum of its parts.  More than a library, more than a community center.  It is a multi-generational space that could be a model for any community planner.  It offers education and activities, a warm place to read in the winter, a cool place…always.  A place where the librarians know your names and a place where you meet your neighbors.  This is a place that you look for when you move to a new neighborhood or a place you wish you had, or if you are lucky enough have a place like the Fox one you would work, no fight to keep.  The Friends of the Fox and the residents of Arlington are here to make that commitment.

States and towns everywhere are making tough choices having to slash programs that are close to everyone.  Our response is to be creative, to help with fundraising and volunteer our time to ensure the operational needs of our branch library are met.  We’ve spoken about almost everything and there will be special events in the neighborhood with restaurants offering their time, food, space and caring.  There will be raffles and yard sales.  We hope that we will be offering not only a way to help but great events, items, and services that offer value to everyone who participates.  Your ideas are as crucial as your involvement.  To learn more about the fox library, the friends of fox, or simply what might be going on in East Arlington please browse the site, join the mailing list, or drop us a line.  Thanks.